Examination Board Edexcel
Course Code: 8371 9371
AS Units 1, 2 & 3
Unit 1 Algebra and Functions.
Unit 2 Algebra and Functions.
Unit 3 One other Applied Module (M1 or S1).
A2 Units 4,5 & 6
Unit 4 Algebra and Functions.
Unit 5 Algebra and Functions.
Unit 6 One other Applied Module (M2 or S2).

Single Mathematics builds on GCSE algebraic skills and extends it to co-ordinate geometry, trigonometry, differentiation, integration, in Units 1 and 2. Mechanics (M1) is an Applied maths area that applies pure maths skills to modelling the physical world. It introduces kinematics, dynamics and statics. Statistics (S1) involves Mathematical Modelling in probability and data handling.

The A2 course C3 explores properties of functions and studies trigonometry in more depth and Core Mathematics C4 involves further differentiation, integration, solving differential equations and more. Mechanics (M2) extends the work begun in M1 and Statistics (S2) extends application of Statistical Distributions, sampling techniques and hypothesis testing.