Examination Board Edexcel
Course Code: 8HI01 9H101
AS Units 1 & 2
Unit 1 Historical Themes in Breadth.
Unit 2 British History Depth Studies.
A2 Units 3 & 4
Unit 3 Depth Studies and Associated Controversies.
Unit 4 Historical Enquiry.

For Unit 1, students receive a broad overview of a particular theme (either China 1900-1976 or Italy,1815-1943) assessing the historical significance of events, ideas, attitudes and beliefs and their influence on behaviour and actions. Unit 2 involves exploring source material in its historical context to develop an in-depth understanding of attitudes, beliefs and structures within societies (either Women and the Suffrage Question 1860-1930 or Henry VIII: Authority, Nation and Religion, 1509-40).

A2 begins with Unit 3 where students will explore challenges and conflicts within periods or societies and use sources to investigate different opinions on key historical debates (either USA 1917-54 or Protest, Crisis and Rebellion in England, 1536-88). In Unit 4 students carry out an internally assessed enquiry investigating factors for change and development in both the short and long-term, focussing on either Russia 1856-1964 or Witchcraft in Early Modern Britain, C. 1542-1736.