Graphic Communication

Course Code 8GCO1 9 GCO1
AS Units 1 & 2
Unit 1 Themed study/personal portfolio.
Unit 2 Externally set assignment.
A2 Units 3 & 4
Unit 3 Personal study and practical work.
Unit 4 Externally set assignment.

This course has been described as the 'thinking man's art' as it offers a huge range of different approaches to the creative process and includes keeping an eye on the 'commercial viability' of projects. Students learn and apply essential skills and processes which will prepare them for higher education courses or employment in areas related to this field. Students begin the course with a common stimulus - usually a visit. They will compile a portfolio of personal artwork developed through 1:1 consultations and dialogue with the teacher leading the course. Students are encouraged to work to their strengths and interests and develop ideas towards graphic outcomes which may include: advertising, illustration, photography, packaging, campaign design and interactive media and video. The portfolio may include traditional processes such as drawing, printing and photography as well as digital art and design techniques. Life drawing sessions are offered to all students. The majority of students who continue from this course to undertake a Foundation Course in Art and Design, which opens doors to university degree courses. Others go on to Graphics and Fashion Journalism, Photography, Film and Video Art as well as working in the Graphic Design and Web Design industry.

Life drawing classes are offered to all students and form an integral part of the course.