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Student Leadership Welcome


Isabella Jewell- Head Girl

I am currently studying English literature, politics, French and Italian at A level, with the aim of continuing my languages at potentially Cambridge or Manchester University. My long term goal is to enter the world of International Human Rights Law, or foreign diplomacy (basically to become the new Mrs Amal Clooney!) 

Outside of school, I love to read foreign novels, take part in debating competitions, and I used to row. Rowing and debating are activities which I hope to resume at University. 

Next year, I aim to create a platform for public speaking, in order to allow students of both the lower school and sixth form’s ability as orators to blossom. As a team, we have already established a sixth form debating society this year, which takes place every Wednesday enrichment period. We are working towards creating a strong team for the Oxford Union Schools’ debating competition, but also allowing opportunities for anyone to stand up, give their opinions on issues and overcome any fears they had of public speaking. Equally, we aim to establish similar clubs in the lower years, with sixth form debate mentors to help coach students in the technique. 


Amy Lockett - Deputy Head Girl

I am studying English Literature, History, Maths and Further Maths.

I am aiming to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics at University with the goal of becoming a political journalist in the future. I love politics and taking part in debates on current affairs – I had quite a few arguments in the run up to the EU referendum!

I would love to encourage public speaking within the sixth form and the lower school in both schools, including setting up debating societies and allowing more people to attend debating competitions. I did my first debating competition last year, and although it was extremely stressful and terrifying it was great fun and more people should have the opportunity to take part.


Sam Wheeler - Deputy Head Girl

What are you studying at Didcot Sixth Form? 
Maths, Chemistry and Biology 

What are you hoping to do after Sixth Form? 
I’m still unsure about my future, but I am interested in doing some travelling and maybe pursuing a career in veterinary.

What are your hobbies? 
Horse riding

What are you hoping to achieve next year in your role? 
This year I hope to inspire people to achieve what they want. 


Seth Howes - Head Boy

Being the last of six children to attend Didcot Sixth Form, I feel a strong connection to both SBS and DGS. I am grateful to be able to hold the position of Head Boy in order to try and setup schemes to encourage the academic development of students in both the sixth form and lower schools.

I am currently studying, biology, chemistry and maths, with the long held hope of studying medicine at the conclusion of my time at sixth form.

In my spare time I enjoy long distance running, having completed half and full marathons in the past year. I have a keen interest in all areas of music, whether that be listening to, playing or attending concerts, and also regularly tutor a number of younger students.

Throughout the following year, we as head boy and head girl teams hope to be able to support the aim of the sixth form in developing students’ general public speaking abilities. We hope to achieve this through working to build a strong team to compete in the National Bar Mock Trial competition, with plans to encourage these students to assist with further mock trial competitions involving lower school students.


Finlay Greenfield - Deputy Head Boy

What are you studying at Didcot Sixth Form?
Maths, English Literature and Spanish

What are you hoping to do after sixth form?
I would like to study law at university.

What are your hobbies?
I have a passion for music and have been playing the piano for 7 years now. I also love playing football and tennis and am a loyal supporter of Liverpool Football Club.

What are you hoping to achieve next year in your role?
I would like to provide more opportunities for students in the sixth form, but also the lower schools of SBS and DGS more broadly, to participate in public speaking situations as I feel that this skill is undoubtedly valuable for life after school. Additionally, I hope to create some kind of mentoring or support scheme between the year 13s and year 12s, as having the chance to speak to peers about important decisions that they also have had to make in the past is highly beneficial. 


Jack Bartlett- Deputy Head Boy

What are you studying at Didcot Sixth Form?
English Literature, History and Maths.
What are you hoping to do after Sixth Form?
I wish to complete a degree in English at university before pursuing a career in writing or earning a Graduate Diploma in Law.
What are your hobbies?
In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing and running.
What are you hoping to achieve in your role?
I hope to ensure that all students feel they are a significant part of the school community and genuinely enjoy education in Didcot.