Work Experience

Year 12 Work Experience is for 1 week - 10th July 2017 - 14th July 2017.

Forms can be downloaded from below.


Message from Mr George

Year 12 Work Experience

To help develop our students employability, and to gain some valuable experience of the world of work we are expecting all Year 12s to undertake a weeks work experience from Monday 10th July - Friday 14th July.  As part of the experience we have asked Year 12 students to source their own placements, but to of course let us know if they require some help and support with the process.  We would like you to bring in the 'Student Own Placement Form (SOP)', confirming where you are going as a matter of urgency or let us know if there is an issue with you/your son/daughter finding work experience.  Requests for SOPs or any other queries can be directed to Mr George via

Kind regards,

Mr S George

Name Date File Size  
Employer Guide 5th January 2017273 KB Download
Parent Information Letter 5th January 2017182 KB Download
Student Own Placement Form 12th May 2017237 KB Download