UCAS Information

We hope that your examinations went well and your results are favourable. The following notes are to help you deal with your results.

Confirmation of University Places

You can check the conditions of your offer and check if your place has been confirmed by using TRACK.  TRACK is updated continuously during the day from 8.00am.  UCAS will send out letters of confirmation to most students on the day that results are issued.  Don’t panic if you have not received a letter – some universities will not have made their decision in time or the postal service may be slow.

If you have not achieved the grades specified in your conditional offer it is still possible that the university will confirm the place or offer you a place on an alternative course.  If you have not met the conditions of your firm choice but you have met the conditions of your insurance choice you will be placed there.  (Please note that if you do not wish to take up your insurance offer but have been given a place you cannot decline this and enter clearing – you have to withdraw completely and reapply next year).  If you have not met the conditions of your offers you will automatically receive information about clearing from UCAS.

Contacting Universities and Colleges

Staff in Admissions Offices will be working very hard to process a vast number of confirmation decisions quickly.  UCAS advises:

  1. Use TRACK wherever possible.
  2. If you have met the conditions of the offer there is no need to ring
  3. If you have narrowly missed the conditions – ring … but be prepared to be patient.

Have contact details available.
[Universities will only discuss offers with the applicant, so do not ask your parents or teachers to contact Universities or colleges for you.]


If you have received better grades than expected you may want to take up the option to try and find an alternative place.  You can keep your original offer for five days before confirming.  There are no guarantees that there will be vacancies on alternative courses and it is very unlikely that the most competitive courses will have any places available.


If you have not met the conditions of your offers you will automatically receive information about Clearing from UCAS.  From Thursday, 18th August, there will be an interactive course vacancy service on the UCAS website www.ucas.com.  Vacancy information will also appear in the national press.  Please note that you will only be able to deal with one institution at a time for clearing.


Every year a small number of students and/or teachers may feel that some results are not as expected.  In exceptional circumstances, it is possible to request a priority re-mark or clerical check of examination papers by the Examination Board in question.  Photocopied scripts can be requested to aid the decision to appeal.  Any such requests should first be discussed with the Heads of Sixth Form and Heads of Department if possible.  If a place at university is affected then the institution should be contacted and notified if an appeal is proceeded with.  Any decisions about appeals must be made urgently especially if university places are affected.

It should be noted that:

  1. The Examination Board will charge a fee for this service, payable by the student or the school, if it is supported by the department.
  2. As a result of this service, grades can be raised, confirmed or lowered.

Mr Willett and Heads of Year will be available at Didcot Girls' School on Thursday, 17th August until 4 pm to support students in any matters arising from their results.