D6 FAQ's

How many free periods would I get?
These are actually called study periods – as they are given to you for independent study! This depends on how many and which subjects you take. Each subject is 5 hours per week and some subjects run ‘twilight’ – after school. This means that you will have a study period during the day at some point during the week, but then attend the lesson after school. You will know how many study periods you have and when they are as soon as you are given your timetable.

How would I manage the extra workload?
There is no denying that Sixth Form is a step up from lower school. However, every teacher is aware of this and is understanding when it comes to the extra stress. There is no reason that you cannot approach a teacher, your tutor, or your head of year if you are struggling and arrangements can be made – for example, extended deadlines. Having said this, many students manage okay without intervention.

Would I have assemblies?
Yes. These are not necessarily every week like they are in lower school; however you will be informed of them well in advance using notices from tutors and posters all around the Sixth Form area. Once informed of them you must attend – they are always about something that you will need to know about or be aware of.

How many lessons would I have a day?
This depends on how many and which subjects you take. Each subject has 5 hours of lesson time a week, so if your take 4 subjects you will have on average 5 hours a day. However, one day you could have 3 hours of lessons and next you could have 5. Once you receive your timetable this will all become clear.

How many options would I have to take?
You have to take at least 3. Many students take 4 AS Levels and then drop one and do 3 for A2. But in both Year 12 and Year 13 you must take at least 3.

How does it work transferring between St Birinus and Didcot Girls’ School during the day?
There is a shuttle bus between the two sites. The timetable for this bus will be given to you along with your timetable. It comes between periods 2 and 3 and then again between periods 3 and 4. You will not have to change sites at any other time.

Would I get detentions or be removed from lessons?
The expectations of Sixth Form students are that no behaviour will take place which will require such punishments – you have chosen to be here. However, whilst there are no official Sixth Form detentions, a teacher will remove you if you are being highly disruptive and you will be expected to complete the work by yourself.